Technology and information, towards the creation of a virtuous relationship

Lab4News is ready to start! The R&D project is dedicated to the world of information, publishing and new media. Founded by the “Enrico Fermi” Research Center and Sony CSL, with the support of Sapienza – University of Rome.

Lab4News is a unique project, created putting together public and private energy and skills to redefine the avant-garde of the world of information.

The team, composed by researchers and professionals and directed by Vittorio Loreto (Sony CSL) and Luciano Pietronero (CREF), presents a transversal set of skills to cover the entire production range of projects: from conception to the research, from the development of solutions to the implementation of prototypes.

Who is Lab4News for?

Lab4News creates a bridge between scientific and technological innovations and the actors of the so-called “infosphere”.

From publishers to journalists, from the authorities to social media.

The digital revolution offers, indeed, new opportunities and great challenges, which is the reason why Lab4News is a candidate to conceive and develop cutting-edge solutions. Real-time analysis, reliable reputation mechanisms, advanced recommendation systems, automated data management and AI platforms are now viable and necessary solutions to evolve in a world in full transformation.

Thanks to the combination of scientific and technical skills, know-how and experience in the field, our team covers the entire production span of projects: from the concept to the research phase, from the development of solutions to the implementation of prototypes.

What is the impact?

The understanding of complex systems, the latest AI techniques and the tools for automatic text generation and analysis offer the possibility to have a direct impact on the information dynamics.

In this framework, Lab4news aims to create an information ecosystem that is more usable for readers and more sustainable for the players in the field, applying scientific and technological innovation to the world of information and proposing operational solutions and prototypes.

To date, Lab4news participates in various initiatives and projects together with national and international entities “the idea is that of an open dialogue to learn the problems from those who experience them on the field in order to define together a research path for scientifically and technologically validated solutions” says Pietro Gravino of Sony CSL, Principal Investigator of the project together with Fabio Sarraco of CREF.